Crest Redesign, Ticket Model & Name Change Update - Hull City

Crest Redesign, Ticket Model & Name Change Update

We would like to thank all supporters who have taken the time to have their say in how we should move forward with ticketing for the Club.

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Sadly, despite the above incentives to encourage supporters to have their say, only a small proportion of the voter pool voted.

Due to this considerably low response to the vote it is still particularly unclear as to whether the overall majority opinion of fans has been put forward, and as a Club we have a responsibility to represent and consider the wider fan base.

Subsequently, the Club has now decided to liaise with the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF), with a view to understanding their factual insights in order to help us be able to move forward with making this decision in an informed manner.

IMPORTANT: While these conversations take place with the FSF over the coming weeks and months, the Club will continue with the current ticketing model and so Members should hold onto their existing membership cards for the foreseeable future with a view for the Club to issue new cards once a model has been agreed upon. If supporters have any queries with regards to keeping their current membership cards, please call the Sales Centre on 01482 358418 and we will happily discuss options with you.


Following the launch of the first vote and ticket model presented, we had substantial resistance from the Committee members including the Senior Tigers and Hull City Supporters’ Trust (HSCT). That, coupled with the significantly low turnout to the vote, despite the vote being extended, led to the conclusion that it wasn’t the right thing to do to introduce the first model.

Instead, we took the feedback on board from the Committee and supporters and presented another model, reverting back to our 2015/2016 concessionary pricing structure, this model we believe was the model presented by the HCST, albeit it with Club set pricing points (which reverted back to 15/16 pricing).

This second model, despite the feedback taken on board from the Supporters’ Committee, once again had a low turnout with the HCST calling for a ‘boycott of the vote’ (disappointingly, and we fear now rather unconstructively, given there was an option to vote against the model). From a Club point of view, and in the interest of fairness we were hoping to have a clear indication of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ votes which would have been undisputable, instead a low vote count left things ambiguous as to what the majority of fans wanted.

Subsequently, as it currently stands, the second model will also not be implemented for next season. Instead, as mentioned above, we are now open to discussions with the FSF to understand their football supporter base findings.

We felt it imperative to consult fans throughout the process so as to represent all supporters, not just those who are the loud minority, so our decisions can be based on fact and wider opinion.

We appreciate that not having a clear direction on next season’s ticketing model is not ideal at this late stage. However, we want to ensure the correct ticketing model is implemented. We will endeavour to update you all on this process via the Club website in the coming weeks and months.


Club Branding

Some supporters may have noticed we have now changed our name back to Hull City on all social media platforms and have started to use Hull City on the Big Screens, PA system and the LEDs in the stadium.

The Club website is also in the process of being changed with other properties being updated throughout the coming months. ‘The Tigers’, our team nickname, will still be used to refer to the Club in conversational terms. #UTT

Crest Redesign

This process has been slightly delayed because of the ticket model vote. We didn’t feel it would be effective to have two hugely important processes to be live with supporters at the same time. We hope you’ll forgive this very slight delay, the decision was made with good intentions.

The process of the crest redesign will be fan led – and an incredible amount of work has gone into the planning to ensure the smooth running of the entire process. We are committed to making this a crest you are all proud to stand behind.

This process will be happening throughout the summer primarily in the public domain and then also parts will be done with a fan voted panel. The final crest will then be revealed early next year, with a view to it being included on our 2019/20 playing kit. (Please note: The deadline for the 2018/2019 playing kit was at the end of last year FYI).

We’re incredibly excited to begin this process with you all. Next Friday we’ll be revealing the wider process to you. Keep your eyes peeled for this news…

Thanks for bearing with us,

Hull City