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Crest Redesign – Supporter Nominations

Following on from last week's reveal of the Crest redesign process, the first phase is NOW LIVE for supporters to get involved in.

Phase One of the redesign process includes the forming of a panel which will be made up of supporters, community voices and influencers. The panel will meet at important stages during the redesign and this is your chance be a major part of it.

Full details of the redesign process can be found by clicking here.

If you would like to be considered for a place on our crest redesign panel, please provide us with your name, postal address and (if you know it) customer reference number on the nomination form which is available to download by clicking here. You will also be required to provide the names, postal addresses and (if you know it) customer reference numbers of 25 other Hull City supporters who wish to support your nomination to be considered for a place on the panel. We will use all such information for our legitimate interests in verifying the identities of each such person against our supporter database and contacting you in connection with your request to be considered for the panel (and, if you are subsequently appointed to the panel) communicating with you in respect of your place on the panel.

We hope that any questions you may have about the nomination process are answered here.

The information that you submit to us on this form will be used by Hull City Tigers Limited as explained and in accordance with this form and as further explained in our Privacy Policy (a copy of which can be accessed via